Advisory Service for Executives (ASE)


Advisory Service for Executives (ASE)


  • Need advice about a career change?

  • Dealing with a problem employee?

  • Having problems with your boss?

  • Struggling with an ethical issue you can’t get your head around?

  • Need more info about your rights and obligations?

  • Can’t find your way through the system?

  • Just need someone to talk to?


The APEX Advisory Service for Executives is for you.

Financially supported by the Deputy Minister community, this confidential service is available free of charge to all federal executives at all levels across the country and abroad.

You can access the service by contacting Johanne LeBlanc at 613.992.5592 or by email at She is there to listen to your concerns or issues and to assist you in any way she can. She will provide:

  • a discreet and confidential sounding board;
  • a safe place to discuss sensitive issues;
  • a one-stop shop for advice and referral to specialized services available to the executive community.

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Since 1990, Executive Counselling Services ( ECS) of the Public Service Commission has helped public service leaders bring out the best in their careers through quality individual and organizational counselling. Their services enable the senior professional and executive community to maximize individual wellbeing and achieve organizational effectiveness.

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